Bird Feed, Bird Tables and Nesting Boxes

Wild Bird Feed and Feeders

Don't forget our feathered friends! Although they benefit most from being fed during the colder months and in spring, when parent birds have to provide for their young as well as themselves, additional feed is always appreciated at other times too. In fact, the RSPB and the British Trust for Ornithology both suggest feeding birds all year round. 

A good seed mixture provided in feeders and on bird tables will encourage a wide range of bird species into your garden and provides a good staple diet for them. Supplement it with mealworms and peanuts for protein, and fat or suet balls for extra calories in winter.

We have everything you need to encourage wild birds to your garden and provide for their feeding requirements, including seed mixes, nuts, niger and sunflower seeds, suet balls and dried mealworms. We also stock refillable and squirrel-proof feeders for all types of seeds and nuts.

Don't miss our lovely wooden bird feeders and nesting boxes, available in several styles and all handmade for us in solid pine by a local craftsman.